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15 January 2008 @ 09:16 pm
...another plea...  
I'm starting to think the spn fen don't like me much...

There are, again, no reccs at all over at spnfencentral. There's a million and one things out there in SPN fandom, some of it is most definitely recc-worthy.

Please? Doesn't have to be on LJ, it can be anywhere, it can be anything.

So long as it is Supernatural related - fiction, graphics, vids, picspams, meta, discussion, news, anything at all!

Recc it here on the comm or in response to this post.

I only started posting the reccs in December and there's been a marked down-turn in the reccs since I took over. Do people not like me? Am I not a likeable person? Am I sounding needy enough to garner some reccs yet?

I have a stockpile of my own, but if I continue to recc my own favourites every week then... I would feel guilty about not posting said reccs to pygs_lj and messiness would ensue. Please, people? Help me save my mental health? Recc me some SPN fandom products and I will be eternally grateful?
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Steffilegoline on January 15th, 2008 09:59 pm (UTC)
The thing is, I have NO idea what I've already recc'd and what not :-) Since I haven't really read fic in a while, my list hasn't been updated...