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Book Group & Broked

So... in December I asked if people would be interested in joining an online book group and a lot of you said yes - so... catervalibre. I apologise profusely to anyone who actually reads and/or translates latin. I don't. Despite being a language geek, I never studied it. It is a combination of the latin words 'caterva' (group) and 'libre' (book). I'm almost certain it's a horrible bastardisation but... I like it anyway.


I will be looking for a co-mod (possibly plural) soon, and I'm hoping to have the first book up for discussion in February. Although I don't have the book. I haven't read the book. My local library doesn't have it, the library I work in doesn't have it... Is this a good idea? It is supposed to be a classic though, and is sure to create discussion.

Thank goodness for Inter Library Loans...

Anyone and everyone is free to join the group. I mean what I say in the reading list post, I don't agree with state enforced censorship. I believe that everyone should be free to read anything and everything and form their own informed opinion. I will not shy from controversy in this book group. I will encourage lively discussion and debate. I will not tolerate flaming.

So if you think you can deal with this? Come join!

(still broken, tried to go without the sling today but it was a big mistake...)
Tags: books are kinda my life..., catervalibre, i is broked, pimping!, reading

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