the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

Torchwood. S2

Most of this I've seen in previews but..

Thank you RUSTY!

I've spent so long coding this that I can't remember why I wanted to thank him. I think it was because Spike Cap'n John kinda rocks. Although I've now got to the point where I'm thinking that poor James always seems to get cast in the flip-side role. Spike was the flipside to Angel. John is the flipside to Jack. It's... odd.

posting now. Will edit.

"a little smaller, but lasts much longer..."

god save me from Gwen. Seriously, if she isn't killed off mid-season I may not watch season three. I kinda hate Gwen. "How dare you leave me?!!" oslt - FOAD

Ianto likes John... ooo, now that could be interesting.

Seriously. If Joss and Rusty had ever gotten together then they might have worked out a S6 S7 Spike I didn't hate. Hw bad is it that I'm watching Torchwood and thinking Jossverse?

Okay the more I think about it, the more I think poor Rusty... Inara and Simon knew about the Kiss of Death (Our Mrs Reynolds had the poisoned lipstick). Tnis is totally Spike. James? I liked Spike in s3-4. Don't let yourself get typecast mate. It's probably a little late but... *sigh*

Will I watch Torchwood next week? at 25 past 9 on the first ep? probably just out of habit....

Can I be Willow now? Bored now...

but hey, Ianto's in this scene...

awww Ianto/Jack is now officially canon

ooo Ianto threatened. Lemme see, will there be a "What's left?" "Me." scene now?

Ianto? Eye-candy? *snort*

I like Ianto but...

and here's the face-off.

I wish I could care.

Whilst James is good in this role, he can't escape the Spike & Angel comparison. John & Jack? One episode and I'm bored.

Wish I could care

I don't

I may be over Torchwood.

Leave James as a recurring character, I could re-engage. So long as Gwen gets killed off...

Tosh... please, I'm no scientist, but really? No bloody way,

Why isn't Gwen dead?

Or... have a personality transplant - that could work...

Rusty... don't kill him. Keep him as reccuring, that works. Killing him makes this seem like a frelling gimmick...

I do mean recurring as more than a two-part. Recurring as in he gets away and shows up later in the season...


Hee - Ianto and the countdown rocks (although I've seen it before, but still hee!)


although if Gwen dies then John dies and a potentially interesting character is written out in one episode..

"Oh that's gorgeous"
"That's a poodle"

oh fuck off gwen...

How bad is it that I got pissed off that she punched Spike?

yay - they're not killing him off. Recurring character! Awesme!

And hey, if my fic brain wasn't concentrating on something else right now I'd be writing John/Jack slash...
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