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Odour-free paint my arse

The painters are in the office right now, I've been in work for just over an hour and they've already had two tea-breaks but that's beside the point, we were told we could continue working in here because the paint is odourless. My arse.

I'm going to have a headache for the rest of the week now. Joy.

Did a lot of catching up on fic writing on Friday night, but it's all on my laptop which isn't networked anywhere at Wench's place so it'll be next weekend at the earliest before any of it gets posted I think. Talking it over really helped me get over this whole "Fics need to be longer!! Show and tell!!" thing that I had going. Now I'm happy to post the ficlets so long as they're complete. If they're 400 words, then that's fine, if they're 3000 words then that's fine too.

I'm off now to work out some of Sibeal's back story now, which has nothing to do with anything and definitely is not work related, but it's fun!

OH! SPN season 3 started back on ITV2 last night which meant the return of the scsposse commentary spamming - Demonic Cold Sores FTW!! And how long would it actually take to burn the evil out of a possessed body? I'm thinking 25 minutes to the pound on a barbeque-style pit?


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