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Wow it's cold...

I'm home! Yay? I've been staying with wenchpixie for the past couple of weeks for a couple of reasons, and my house feels kinda alien to me now. Also, cold.

It snowed this morning, I know this because I saw it. It was very pretty before the rain came. But I think there's a very good chance it'll snow again tonight which, since I have bugger all in the house, is going to be fun getting to the shops.

I'm... not doing so good right now, work is... problematic. Finances are non-existent. (I think I may have had a bailif at the door when I wasn't here, there's a card with legal language saying something like that anyway.) But... I think I'm okay. I have a plan, I have friends, I have butt-kickers. I have a future.

And before I get all maudlin and emo, I also have five seasons of Angel to re-watch because I really miss that show! Now I'm hoping that the water's heated up enough to let me draw a bath and get warm, so I'll catch you all on the flipside.

(Oh, Wench and I watched Jam last night and it's a cool little film. It's the kind of film I'd like to be involved in - not Hollywood and not too pretentiously Indie. I'll be looking out for it at some point - as well as adding it to my Amazon Wish List for next year...)

My neighbour's home. It's odd to hear things from next door, they've been quiet so far so it's all good. (Their dog Zeus has barked a couple of times but that's it. Absolutely nothing to complain about even if he is a Rottie)

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