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Dialogue ficlet - not by me!

So monkey_matt is currently watching SPN at ITV2 rate, which means he's just seen Kids Are Alright. Mrs Monkey will throttle him (and probably come after me next) if he gets spoiled for what's coming up on the show. But he and I were having an email discussion about it and I said:

 "d'you still hold with your belief that mysterious blonde chick* is going to end up sleeping with one of the boys?"

* (mysterious blonde chick, also known as Princess Lunessa (TM kroki_refur) and whose real name has not been revealed on the show - please don't be spoiling Monkey? It'll make him sad and I'm having a long day anyway and don't think I'm up to dealing with a weeping primate)

To which he replied with this dialogue ficlet (tiny bit of beta from me at the end):

Oh, aye. Probably Dean. And then Sam'll be all "Dude, I was totally gonna do her."
And Dean'll go "Sorry, tough luck kid. I'm all dyin and stuff, and I got my needs, see..."
And Sam'll go "But Deeeeeeean... I'd just gotten over that girl, y'know, the one who's like died and it was all so long ago that everyone's now forgotten her name?"
"Yeah, so?"
"So this was my one chance at tru luv n stuff." *puppyeyes* *wobblylip*
"So you should have totally done her."
"Dude, I was going to."
"But yah didn't."
"No, but I was gonna..."
"See, Sammy, that's your trouble, you're all think first and act ten years later. Me, I don't got that long."

And so on.

So kitty_cat89 and I have worked it out. Sam is going to find some way of turning Dean into a rabbit to get him out of the deal. So when the demon and the hellhounds come looking for him they aren't going to find him because Sam will be keeping bunny!Dean in his pocket.

In his pocket that zips up so he can't lose bunny!Dean. Unfortunately Sammy hasn't really thought about the breathing requirements of bunny!Dean so there could be a whole emo scene in which bunny!Dean is close to suffocation... and there's the cliff-hanger into season 4! Yay! We are, in fact, Ben Edlund.


And to everyone heading off to see Jason Manns in Brighton this weekend, I hate you all Have a great time and I expect lots of pictures!

Oh! Also - my mobile phone currently has around 40p in it and I'm budgeting incredibly tightly this month so I probably won't be topping it up any time soon. I can still get your texts and calls, but I can't really make any of my own right now. *hugs*
Tags: conversations with strange people, jason manns, supernatural
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