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Girly TMI

So there are times when I hate being a girl. usually one week out of every four. There's the mood swings, the cramps, the crabbitness, the backpain, the uncomfortableness, the bleuch feeling, the heat (I feel *really* warm during that time, god help me when I finally get hot flushes...). The fact that I have to spend at the very least a fiver every month on something that I can't really do without.

And then, as I'm in the chemist this morning, rolling my eyes at the prices, I noticed a new product. Tampax Compak Fresh.

Tampons with a light fragrance.


Okay, maybe I could understand towels being fragranced but tampons?

I just...

No. Bad idea.

And let's leave aside the fact that I tend to react badly to fragranced soaps etc by coming out in painful rashes. Can you imagine what would happen if I reacted badly to a tampon?



Get the feeling I may be a little PMSy right now?

Wench? Do you mind if I filter some ficlets for you to take a look at today? The ones I wrote at your place - I finally got them off my laptop and into a useable format...

ETA Oh! And you know what else really annoys me? LJ Comms which moderate the submissions and then reject submissions based on arbitrary rules. I had a fic approved on an SPN fic comm and then deleted straight away. I *still* don't know why, I'm 99.9999999997% sure it was within their guidelines but... no matter, it got cross posted to a bunch of other comms and picked up. But then yesterday in another fandom, I posted a fic and it was rejected because they don't accept NC-17 content. Fair enough, except nowhere on their userinfo does it say that. And when I edited it and took the NC-17 content out, it still got rejected because the admin thought it was still NC-17. Um. It wasn't after the edit. It was a hard R, but I've seen 15 rated films that revealed more than the fic did.
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