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I used to read James Herbert books when I was a kid and my mum realised that Stephen King books were full of swearing. (If only she knew some of the more adult content that's in books like Magic Cottage.) The most famous after the Rats trilogy is probably The Fog.

Not the film version, although I think there might be a film version of Herbert's story (jetpack_monkey you're my resident film geek - any ideas?), but the book. It's fairly creepy from what I remember, although I was 12 when I read it.

The book could have been set in the West Coast of Scotland today. We get fog sometimes, but more often it's haar (sea-fog) and clears with the salt air. This stuff ain't lifting.

It's creepy.

(send Winchesters? Or Slayers? Or both?)

In other news I'm finally starting to feel more comfortable about cross-posting fics, I just put the ones I did yesterday out there and then it dawned on me - where are the BtVS/AtS general fic comms? I know of character and pairing specific ones, but not so much ones that take everything. Any suggestions? (Also, pygs_lj people? Is it worth restarting the comm? I'm more than happy to do more work if you need?)

I've been in work precisely half an hour and have yet to actually do any *work*, I would feel guilty but to be honest, after my PDR when I was encouraged to delegate more, if I do the work in front of me then I'll have nothing to do this afternoon...
Tags: i have the best friends, random obscure fact checking, work (yeah right)
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