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who knew that fighting off zombie-like prisoners in a penal-colony who've been exposed to an out of control combat-enhancing drug, whilst simultaneously pulling bullets out of whining marines who can't even shoot out a windscreen without it richoceting back at them and treating plasma burns and dog bites and god knows what else, would be so tiring?

And it's only bloody Wednesday. Why is it not Friday yet?

Why, dammit!

I'm going to go flail at people liking my fic, flail some more that a BBBer found me through the who_daily newsletter (even if the newsletter people did spell my name wrong), maybe think about doing some usage stats downloading, and then going home to watch some season 5 Angel to get another ficlet out of my head.


(Also, I shall be making corn beef hash tonight for dinner, because it's awesome.)

Oh - Writers' Strike's Over! Yay!
JDM and MLP are engaged! Yay!
Jensen's been adorable in Oz! Yay!
Jared was in London! Huh? Why was I not informed?!
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