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I Need A Parrot - re-launch!

Regular readers of this journal (like I believe I have regular readers.... *grin*) will know that for the past few weeks Denise (smileawhile) and I have been working on setting up a new site. Well guess what? It's ready and it's up and active!

I Need a Parrot is the recognised Xander zone of the BtVS Writers' Guild and kaz814 has been running it successfully for a while now building up an incredible archive of stories and resources. Unfortunately irreversable server problems wiped the archive and proved to be the final straw for Kaz. So she passed the torch on to us.


Please come visit us, and, if you're a fic writer with a Xander-centric story or two, register and upload - we can only make this a success if you guys help us out! And if you know of anyone who should be archived there, please give them the heads up about the new location for the site?! Thank you!

I Need A Parrot
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