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okay, so my neighbour's not been well right. I dunno what it is but I've heard him cough a lot lately.

I can't hear him now.

His car's outside his house.

Zeus (his dog) is barking.

Zeus is also responding to me whistling and talking through the walls (I'm a dog person, what can I say?)

But now I'm worried. The car's there, I can't hear Dale, I *can* hear Zeus and Zeus doesn't normally bark.

Am I just being the paranoid kid who always had to make sure she said goodnight to her mum in case her mum didn't make it through the night?

Dale's just had a cold or something, right? He's taken a walk or something, right?

What the hell do I do?!

etaOkay, so I've started to hear movement from next door and Zeus has stopped barking so much. I will call my neighbour's across the road tomorrow to see if they know anything.


My sister is smart.

She has her faults, god knows, but I just spoke to her about *stuff* and she's smart. About some things.
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