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the silicone chip inside her head gets switched to overload...

So yes, you may have noticed the fancy-schmancy icons table I just posted. In an attempt to actually do something about my desire to make more icons, I signed up to make 100 Faith ones in 10 weeks (plus I'm on the waiting list to make John Winchester ones once the current claim is complete). Here's hoping I get it all done! (Actually, I will get it all done - here's hoping I make icons I'm proud of. *nods*)

I had a horrible headache last night which lead to me bailing half way through the comment spammery over at scsposse - sorry I flaked on you guys, not feeling well coupled with an episode that still mostly annoys me (Sin City, only the "Dean is pretty" saves it for me...). I'm all better today though, plus I didn't wake up until about 4.30 am which is a marked improvement. (Still sucks, but I'll take what I can get!) And the big news - my bandage and sling came off on Friday. Six weeks is up and my arm's more or less fixed. Still sore, muscle might have atrophied a little so I need to start doing more with it, but yay! I'm no longer broked!

Got a bunch of plans on the go, and am feeling productive. Let's see how many actually come to fruition though...
Tags: procrastinators r us
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