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If I die...

Okay, so there's a lot of building work going on in the floor above my office in the library. They seem to be dropping a lot of very heavy things directly above my head so...

If I die, I want to be cremated.

wenchpixie, acrazywench and thedothatgirl get first dibs on my DVDs so long as they promise to give hopeless_cynic one of my copies of Firefly and Serenity, smileawhile gets first dibs on my CDs and everyone else can fight over the rest of my belongings... The sites are hosted for the next 18 months, this LJ's a permanent account so... (Ooo - emorpheus can take the Sandman books he doesn't have yet and any of the Star Wars graphic novels and books he wants, the technical books and the encyclopaedia are for my nephew though!)


(work sucks, but I refuse to let it get to me the way it has in the past couple of days. It's a job, it's not who I am. Those of you who have me friended on Facebook - my 'what I'm doing' is a tad melodramatic.)

Email from the boss I want to hit. Badly: "I'm finishing at 4.30 today."
Email from monkey_matt to me and fanulla: "Yay! I'll get the balloons, you two can hire the clowns and make jelly."
other email from me to monkey_matt at the exact same time: "a graphologist would have a field day with my hand's all looped together fairly tightly apart from the glaring exceptions where there's gaps. Look at my 'g' at the end of 'leaving' ...I'M SCHIZOPHRENIC! CLEARLY!!!!"
monkey_matt: Okay, so maybe clowns aren't such a good idea.
whiskyinmind: clowns or midgets? Or midget clowns?!
monkey_matt: Midget clowns with BIG KNIVES!!!! AAARGH!!! RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!
whiskyinmind: It's okay though, 'cause all we have to do is stop and punch 'em in the face. I know, 'cause the TV told me.
monkey_matt: But the BIG KNIVES!!! What about the BIG KNIVES!!!
whiskyinmind: the midget clowns are midgets, the knifes are too big for them to handle. *nods*
monkey_matt: Phew. I was worried there.

And all this whilst we're meant to be working... (and fanulla is apparently not partaking in the conversation... *g*)
Tags: conversations with strange people, procrastinators r us
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