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Ever have one of those days?

It's only ten past ten (or so) and I've only just arrived at work (managed to make it for the 10am flexi cut off) because I woke up as the snow started at around 4am, couldn't get back to sleep because - hey, snow! (yes, I am the reincarnation of Lorelai Gilmore) - and then managed to snooze right through my alarm.

Got up late, checked the trains, phoned work to let them know I'd be starting late, went to make some porridge and discovered I had no milk left. I also had no bread products that weren't frozen, so I went without breakfast. Grabbed my stuff, used the little dribble of milk I had left to make myself a cup of tea in my thermal mug to drink on the train and headed out to get said train.

Despite the forecasts, the snow apparently took the village council by surprise and the pavements weren't gritted. So I slid my way along to the station with my tea in my hand and my heart in my mouth (still not forgotten all the times I fell when I was sick). Got to the train, went to take a sip of tea and discovered the seal on my mug isn't as good as it used to be. Luckily the tea had cooled down by then but still...

Put my headphones on, hit play on my MP3 player and... nada. Rien. Nichts. Kein Musik. Battery was dead and I don't have a spare with me today. Nor did I bring a book 'cause I wanted to write if the train was quiet, which it was, but an arrogant business man sob sat next to me and since the story I'm working on is a hard R at the least, I didn't feel comfortable writing it with him looking over my shoulder.

So I sat and watched the snow getting heavier and heavier, all the while bored out of my mind and really hungry.

Got to work, think "there's some oatcakes in my desk drawer, okay so they're meant to be lunch but if it stops me gnawing off my own arm (or someone else's) then so much the better." Realise I didn't lift my spready cheese this morning, think I can cope with dry oatcakes, only to discover my desk drawer is locked and... I left the key at home.


I also have a doctor's appointment this afternoon which I have no idea why I made. I think it was in case I needed some medical certification for an appeal to any disciplinary action taken at work, but I'm not sure... But at least it means I can get out of here before I go even more crazy.

ETA and now I discover that monkey_matt is wiping the floor with me in Scrabulous. Seriously, engelsteorra's beating me too, but not by 300 points...
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