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Hump Day Spamathon

Beauty Like The Night link for anyone who clicked over from su_herald, it's in the comments. Thank you so much for reading!

So a lot of my flist are down in the dumps right now. I have no idea how widespread that saying is, it might be everyone uses it, it might be a UK thing, it might be a Scottish thing, it might be a tiny village on the west coast of Scotland not that far from Faslane sub base thing, it might be a Sho's mum thing, but hey, if it fits - right?

I know a lot of you are having spectacularly crappy times of it, I know that I have been, and I know that having friends around who I can go and see and hug in person has helped me more than I can say. I know I've maybe not been that supportive online lately, I know I've been closed off and a little abrupt from time to time. And I want to make up for it by hosting a Hump Day Spamathon.

It's Wednesday, the week's half done. It's almost Spring (if you're in the Northern Hemisphere that is... sorry to the Aussies on my flist, but Autumn's probably my favourite season if that helps?). There are lots of reasons to be cheerful and help other people smile or laugh.

So here's your chance.

The First Hump Day Make Someone Smile Spamathon

Fic, pictures, graphics, messages, comments, jokes, whatever you want - fandom or not.

Send a message, make someone smile, either post a link here or use the comments to post the whole thing.

Have fun, spread the love. It doesn't have to be just today, you can come back and comment any time.

There's no time limit, there's no rules, there's no pressure. Just make someone's day by making them feel loved.

This is not to make me smile (although that's an added bonus!), this is for you to share things with the people you care about, this post is just acting as a holding area.

ETA Anonymous commenting is allowed although they will be screened initially 'cause that's my journal's default setting.

Second edit Since there seems to be a problem with the embedded YT vids showing up in the comments, here's a link to the format=light version of this page in which they show up find. *is confuddled*
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