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Bloody hell.

Okay, time for the LJ cut thing because these are serious spoilers for Angel episode 20 based on the casting sides

Okay, so for some reason Spike and Angel head to Italy looking for the capo of some family - they end up with the head of the capo in quite a funny wordplay (Capo being Italian for head), but that's besides the point - they're in Italy, and those of us who've seen Damage (or read WaDaDM by yours truly!) know that Dawn is going to school in Rome and Buffy's there as well. So guess who they go looking for? Yup you guessed it. Turns out she's dating someone called "The Immortal" and at that point I got so annoyed I shut the document so I don't know what else happens after that but I'll maybe look at it later.

There's all sorts of stuff in the shooting script about making sure we only get glimpses of blonde hair in the distance so I guess Sarah has already refused to appear in it and I can't help but think that they are going to be doing their damndest to degrade Buffy in this episode. Not happy at the moment.

I'm not a happy bunny at the moment, I grew to actively hate the character of Buffy in season seven but there was a reason for that - she became a self-involved bitch because of the pressures she was under. The first job I was promoted to supervisor in, I went on such a power trip and made people hate me - I was 22, same age as Buffy was meant to be, so I actually relate to what they did to her chaacter and I appreciate the journey she took. Hell I've even now written two post-Chosen fics which are actually quite nice to her! So to have the Angel writers now turn round and diss her progression over the past seven years? I'm not a happy bunny.

Ah well, maybe tomorrow I'll read the rest of the thing and actually get some idea of where this thing's going.
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