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No hospital appointment! Yay! My throat infection is just a virus and will go away with plenty of liquids and paracetamol so no getting the old tonsils whipped out is very definitely a plus! On a slightly more worrying point, the doctor thinks there's a chance I might be diabetic so she's running tests just now. Hmmm. Might explain why I get so tired so quickly and drink so much water all the time... Ah well, no point worrying about it till the results come in anyway.

willowmina has kinda talked me into doing another site as well, this won't be an auto-archive though, and I'm not sure how long it'll be before it gets set up. I'm still blown away with how successful INAP has been in just a week - over 200 stories already and a whole bunch of those are by favourite authors?! Wow! And one of them called me a "Xander connoisseur" - me? I'm flattered!

Right - off to rework some of Crimson Regret which I'm waiting to finish it before I post it to INAP and really should get the next part posted on here... hmmm. might do that later.

(btw, fantastic icon for this post is by callie_girl)
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