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The Unpopular Opinions Meme - answers so far

Unpopular opinions meme:

smhwpf asked about Serenifly:

Book was a waste of space. I know if they'd had longer to expand his arc it might have been more interesting, but I just find him dull and the time spent on him could have been better spent on more interesting characters.

Forcing the 'ship' of Mal/Inara robbed it of the spark that made it interesting in the first place.

velvetwhip asked about BtVS:

Willow did not deserve to be happy in season seven. She became manipulative, entirely self-centred and not a nice person at all. All her redeeming characteristics had bled away and left a mockery of an amazing character.

Spike should *never* have been neutered. And the re-introduction of Spuffy after the rape attempt was a huge mistake, especially given the extreme lack of basic differences between souled!Spike and unsouled!Spike.

Buffy made a big deal of giving girls the choice to become Slayers, but she forced that choice on them in the same way Sineya was forced. The fact that it was a woman doing the forcing does not make it any more forgivable.

velvetwhip also asked about AtS:

I like Kate.

Saint Cordy of the Bobble Head was a hugely bad idea, which I think the writers realised and tried to address with the evil!pregnancy story line but… they didn't go far enough. Cordy was best when she was Queen C. In Rm w/vu when she stands up to fight and says "Lady, the Bitch Is Back" – that's the Cordy that works. Anything after that was just a pale imitation.

I'm not a fan of season five. Again, there's the potential of having been cut short and storylines being rushed, but Eve was a bore, Lindsey's complete about face from the character we saw leave in season two was insane (although I do believe if there had been more time to explore the character motivations it would have worked, but alas that time was not given). The introduction of Spike was a gimmick – luckily it was one that paid off and made me appreciate the character I had once loved again.

agt_bush asked about Supernatural:

I like Bela. I do not think she is evil, or working with the big bad. I think she has her own purely selfish motivations for what she's done/doing and has severe trust issues which mean she doesn't think she can rely on anyone but herself. I know this is a hugely unpopular opinion, I've had debates and arguments with people about this and I know we’re never going to agree but… I like Bela.

I don't see Wincest subtext. At all. I have a sibling and the age gap between she and I is comparable to the age gap between Sam and Dean. We acted in similar ways to them, and there is absolutely not even the slightest hint of incest at all. I can see how, given different performances on screen, the situations could be read in that manner, but with the performances we have as canon – no. Not in the slightest.

Not every episode works. There are some clunkers in there that I probably won't really watch again. (The Benders, Usual Suspects, possibly even Salvation)

Since there are UKers watching at ITV2 rate on my flist, this next is in white – select the text to read. I worry about the introduction of a Lilith character. I worry that using such a long-standing, well-known, and controversial mythology arc at this point in the show (which is still a bubble-show after all, season four doesn't automatically lead into season five…) is a mistake. I worry that Lilith and the implications will overshadow the show and it will become all about her rather than about the core of the show. Sam and Dean. I do trust the show, I just think there's a potential issue here that has perhaps not been fully recognised.

tessarin asked about Star Wars: EU

I really hated Children of the Jedi. It felt horribly like the introduction of a plethora of Mary Sues into the SW Verse and there's kinda enough of those in there as it is. And the Black Fleet Crisis? Puh-lease.

Speaking of Mary Sues, Bria Tharen? Could not be a bigger Mary Sue if she was actually called Mary Sue. The entire 'Han Solo Trilogy' is… not good. It had a lot of potential but things were swept aside to explore the wonderfulness of the wonderful Mary Sue Bria.

New Jedi Order. Oh where do I start with the NJO? Asides from taking Mara and turning her into first a victim and then a new age mother, there was the whole crapness that was the Yuuzhan Vong in the first place. The whole series is… what, 19 books? Should have been – at the most – a trilogy.

Troy Denning writes like a bad fanfic writer. And yet he is apparently the new figurehead of SW:EU novels. I'm distressed by this. Bring back Tim Zahn, bring back Mike Stackpole, hell even bring back Kevin J Anderson!!!

fresleyforever and dimlondeiel both asked about Doctor Who

I'm not a fan of 9. I was, until I saw 10. Now I just think Chris Eccleston was hamming it up the whole time.

I really, really, really, really, really loathe the apparent attempt to force a 'ship' between the Doctor and the companion of the time. More than anything I hate DRose because it robbed us of two really fascinating characters by forcing them into 'couple' mode.

I don't want to see the Daleks again. From being an awesome big bad, they've become hugely over used and a bit crap now.

(and the popular opinion – or at least it was when I was more active in the fandom – I wanna see other planets!!!)

dimlondeiel also asked about Torchwood

Ianto's starting to be boring. Yes, he's gotten more badass this season, yes there's the whole Jack/Ianto thing, but some character development would be nice alongside that.

I don't really care about Gray or Grey or whatever. Jack's back story isn't all that interesting to me right now and if he never finds his estranged brother I'll be happy.

The referencing to other shows is not clever, it's annoying and a cheap gimmick. Yes, Rusty et al know their audience, but having all the BtVS/AtS tropes in there? And now there's the added 'search for the missing family member whilst fighting monsters' aspect that seems to be cropping up. Yes, I know these things were hardly original to Buffyverse or SPN, but they worked there. On Torchwood they're like a tenth generation copy of a video nasty. (and how sad is it that there are a few people on my flist who just will not get what I mean by that!?)

And that's it so far – got any more fandoms about which I can tell you what I really think?
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