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Um. Wow.

So I'm still a little overwhelmed over the response to my response as a female Browncoat to the nonsense that was being banded around by an extremist on Tuesday/Wednesday. I'm so glad you all got so much out of the post, and am amazed to think that I - for a brief moment - became the voice of sanity.

Fandom is not all about 'teh krazies!!!11!!!!one!'; fandom is about like-minded individuals coming together to share the experience.

But anyway, what I wanted to say was this: I'm still not really here, and this weekend more so than normal. I'll be at wenchpixie's place for costume fittings and sooper sekrit projects with some of the Scottish Fen Posse and although Wench does have t'internet, I won't be accessing it all that much.

acrazywench - I sent you details of a bus option today which is going to work out far cheaper than flights at this point in time even with the travel from the centre of London to Heathrow. I have my mobile with me if you need to call me to check up on anything. :)

thedothatgirl - just sent you my final placings for the AVAs, completely thought I'd sent it earlier this week but failed miserably, sorry!

liz_marcs, othercat, naol - I'll try to work out something for INaP over the weekend and get in touch with you all next week.

Now back to pretending to work...

Oh! Almost forgot! *huge hugs* to agt_bush who gave me some chicken soup when I was ill, and *snorts* at wenchpixie. Quack.

Sweet Charity! I knew there was something else I was going to post about. Today's your last chance to buy a Ho! (*hugs those of you who've bid for me!*)
Tags: fandom, i have the best friends, multi-tasking madness, scottish fen posse
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