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catching up... yeah right!

Okay, seriously guys, the weekends are normally really quiet, so why am I back to skip=120 without comms?!

And that's without much of the squeeing about Jared & Sandy (which is just adorable!) and the squeeing about Jensen singing (also adorable, boy's got pipes...). I'm trying hard to catch up but if there's anything I absolutely *HAVE* to see, please link me?!

Sweet Charity bidding's all done now and I'm all a-squee, I'll be in touch with the winner soon! (And I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of thing you'd like from me!)

My Work PC is being upgraded - we got brand new computers in the last couple of weeks. The hardware's awesome but we're running a really old version of Windows NT in the library and the new computers' kept crashing. They're trialling out a fresh build of XP on my computer as we speak, so I'm now sitting in the middle of the department working on an old PC onto which the person who normally uses it apparently drops every single thing they try to eat... So I'm having to be a tad more surreptisious about my internet usage than normal ('cause everyone can see it!)

Had a great weekend, much sewing was done (and even the sewing done after two and bit glasses of red wine is absolutely fine!), and I didn't go home at all. In fact, I haven't been home yet... I'm a dirty stop out (as my mum used to say!)

For the record: I don't have blinds in my house, and the ones that I had years ago worked in a differnt (and infinitely more sensible) way. And I stabbed myself with needles and pins whilst doing something nice for other people and making costumes for them. Wench just wasn't looking in the drawer when she cut herself on the knife...

Tags: busy like a bee actually, i have the best friends, scottish fen posse
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