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Replying to memeage #3

(haven't forgotten, I'm just being lazy!)

agt_bush asked me to blog about books.

Right, I work in a library, I love books, I run a book group on LJ (catervalibre, come join!) but I'm shockingly badly read.

The lists of classic books that are published? I barely register a blip on them ('cause reading All Quiet on the Western Front in three languages apparently only counts once…)

The last new book I read was Time Traveller's Wife, which is this month's discussion book at CL, and I'm still composing my thoughts about it. I won't be likely to read it again if I'm honest because it didn't resonate with me and I don't care about the characters.

Technicalities in writing don't matter to me so much as great characterisation in books, which is why I think I haven't read many of the classics – they've all been analysed to within an inch of their bindings and that just takes away any of the interest.

I'd rather read something new, something that academics haven't formed opinions on yet, something that maybe got overlooked when it was published. Or something that can make me laugh. Like Pratchett.
Tags: books are kinda my life..., i am a sheep - have a meme!
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