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To Do List for the month

ETA 0 - upgrade all the sites with the newest version of eFiction. Joy. end edit
1 - eat something with salt and/or potassium (got a really bad cramp in my leg yesterday evening and it's still sore).
2 - Tackle the Faith icons for icons100.
3 - Finish Mind Games.
4 - Make a start on asylum_spnfics fic.
5 - Faith and John (not together although...) ficlets for fic_variations
6 - Decide what I'm going to do for spring_with_xan and make a start on it.
7 - Finish the sooper sekrit project
8 - Decide on a complete costume for Asylum. (I have pieces but not the whole)
9 - TTPtR
10 - Crimson Regret
11 - Invisible Ink
12 - WaDaDM
13 - Off Course (either finish it or offer it up to someone who still likes Lost to finish...)
14 - Sell car.


Also - code up new sites. Three of 'em. Shouldn't be too tricky though - mostly it's the content I need to get sorted.
Tags: to do lists are evil
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