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acrazywench has pointed me towards the Starfury message boards, where it seems Sean (the organiser of most of the British Sci-Fi conventions) has taken the decision not to run any more Angel (and presumably Buffy) conventions after he asked people not to bring cameras to the evening parties to allow the guests a chance to let their hair down. He got a lot of negative feedback to that request and as such is now no longer interested in running conventions for fans who react like this.

I've been to two Starfury conventions, Senior Partners and Fusion, am going to another in October (White Room) and was planning on going to at least one more next year. Now, because of a few idiots, that's not going to happen. White Room will be Starfury's last Angel convention.

Just goes to show how a few idiots can ruin the whole thing for the rest of us. I had a great time at both cons I went to, I'm proud to say that no one I was with at the time was among the people crowding the guests which is what led to the no-camera ban in the first place. Getting the chance to meet these people, to hear them talk about whatever they felt like, was just incredible. I'm gutted I won't have that opportunity again now and am seriously pissed off at the people who've caused Sean to make that decision. He is getting support on the boards now, and maybe once the emotions die down he'll change his mind, but if I'm honest that's a small hope.
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