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03 April 2008 @ 12:03 pm
Yes, Jared's not going to be able to make it to Asylum because of filming commitments now. Yes I'm disappointed. But I don't blame him or the organisers or anyone. He's doing his job. As a con goer I know this kind of thing happens. (I'm also disappointed that Summer's not going to Serenity Complete, but am I now not going? Aye, right!) I go to cons to meet my friends and have a great time. Having a headline guest can be awesome, but the secondary guests can be more entertaining.

So, to detract from the hating that's going on in the Asylum forum (but which has been absent on LJ, because we LJers are sensible people at heart!). I, as a DeanGirl, present a Jared pic spam.

Really not dial-up friendly!

(all are clickable thumbnails by the way!)

And for wenchpixie who can't access Photobucket right now and therefore hasn't seen them yet...

and, made using an online image cropping tool, a couple of icons. I'll make more when I get access to Photoshop, but I thought you might want 'em now.

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tigressunicorntigressunicorn on April 3rd, 2008 11:53 pm (UTC)
GAGH! *is very timid* Can I use the new Jensen face one as an icon please? And if yes, how do I get it? (I realy am hopeless with lj! I'm sorry everyone!) but man does Jensen look hot!

And can I just say, Harley is HUGE! I still picture him as the sweet little puppy Jared got him as. But wow! He's bigger than Sadie! I didn't think he was a great dane!

Love ALLLLLLL these pics. They're amazing. And does this mean that Dean is gonna be sporting some facial hair for the end of Season 3? Or has Jensen just not bothered to shave not that he's not filming? But I tohught they were still filming? *is very confused*