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an actual proper update then

Still ow. Bath helped last night and the painkillers have been helping, but this chair is really making it worse. After being in work for half an hour this morning I could barely move. (plus my neck's starting to hurt because of it which is worrying - I have a long standing issue with my neck (there's an extra piece of bone on one of the prongs of one the vertebrae) and could really do without it coming back!)

I phoned OH - I have an appointment on Monday at 3. As well as everything else I need to talk to them about I'll mention the back troubles.

I also phoned the surveyer to get my house valued - they're coming next Thursday, just at the point when I'll be packing like a lunatic for Serenity: Complete. sorchasilver - we need to arrange a way to find each other there! And I also just discovered that a girl I've been hanging out with is going to be working at the con, and has been working at previous Starfury cons I've been to. Small world, huh?

I have one more scary phone call to make, and I know this sounds like an excuse, but I don't have my reference number with me. I will phone them tomorrow, I swear. (Or if I get home early enough I'll phone tonight.)

Still looking for fic recs by the way, I'm in the mood to read Angel (the series) fic at the moment but since it's not one of my primary fandoms I'm not sure where to start looking. Any help would be good!

The plan for next week:
Monday - OH appointment
Tuesday - 'training' session given by someone who doesn't know what she's talking about
Wednesday - tour of the British Library in Boston Spa (getting there by train, hope to hell my back's better by then!)
Thursday - off work to let the surveyer in and I need to pack
Friday - Megabus to London, Heathrow Express to Heathrow.
Friday night to Monday morning - SERENITY: COMPLETE!!!!!!
Monday - Megabus back to Glasgow

Ooo - almost forgot! agt_bush, did you get your confirmation from Sweet Charity yet? I haven't heard anything from the site, but I said to halcyon_shift yesterday that we could contact each other anyway.
Tags: ouch, real life sucks
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