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Weekend's are too short...

You know what's really fun when you're hungover? Having your train terminate one stop after you get on it, having the replacement bus break down, having to get on the next replacement bus, then - just as you're almost at the station where you meet the train again - have the guy in the seat behind you throw up.

No really, it's the best way to get over a hangover.

(Weekend long birthday celebrations, much red wine consumed.)

It was a good weekend, apart from the nightmare journey from hell...

I posted fic yesterday. It's m/m slash crossover fic. Dean Winchester/Lindsey McDonald. Set mid season three of SPN and post-NFA of Angel. Theophilus' Kiss - it is NC-17 and slash so you've been warned. I'll cross post it to some comms later, when I work up the nerve, 'cause we all know how low my self-esteem is!

Torchwood finale = OMFG!!!! I was foiled. As in, I thought I'd been spoiled but really hadn't. OMFG!!! (not spoilery beyond my reaction btw)

Doctor Who 4:01 =  I want an Adipose!!! They're gorgeous! We're trying to work out who the reporter girl is, what she's been in. I didn't recognise her but Wench did - she thinks she might have been a nurse in Casuaity or something? Help anyone?

I like Donna. She looks like she's going to call him on his BS and that's what he's needed since season two, so yay!

Also, Rose? I'm so glad they put her in here because everyone and their dog was spoiled for her reappearance so to have her in the first episode is all good. I'm thinking there's something not quite right though. Like she looks... evil? Maybe? I know nothing apart from who's going to be in the season, I don't really want to know... speculation's good though!

SPN - haven't had a chance to read much of the reports coming from EyeCon but I have seen Jim Beaver's t-shirt. How bloody awesome was that?! I really want to make myself an icon of that - I will find the original I figure, but does anyone know who it belongs to and if they'll be likely to allow me to use it? (With credit of course!)

Those of you who don't know what I'm talking about - Jim Beaver who plays Bobby Singer in the show, wore a t-shirt that reads "I read John/Bobby". *grins*

Right, now I'm going to eat something and find something better to do with my day than watch Mission: Impossible. Again. *g*

Tags: doctor who, drinking's for losers, fic, i have the best friends, supernatural, torchwood
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