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yes, okay, I'll write it...

Like it's such a hardship? Replying to the comments on the fic post put a bunny idea in my head for a sequel, I'm going over to wenchpixie's house to transform myself into a 1950's botanist who really wants to try the purple berries (since she had so much fun burning the leaves of the other plant last time...) and will brain-storm an idea with her. Becuase Wench? You're totally getting pulled into this one...

It may or may not write as quickly as the original, we'll see...

I was being exceptionally random last night and painted my fingernails. I don't have long nails, what with the guitar playing it's not really possible, but right now they're purple. Yeah... I don't know why either. (Plus there's a chip on one of them already, Rimmel sucks!) Unless! Yay! it's purple because Katherine really wants the purple berries! But whatever the reason, I'm on a libray visit to the BL tomorrow, I won't be going home in the interim, I'm the supervisor going to this thing. With purple nails.


Also? Having way too much fun with the new build computers here - they have Movie Maker on 'em? And IT haven't disabled the games yet... when I get really bored I could make a vid and/or play Free Cell! *opens up Free Cell and hits F2* What? It's not like there's any work for me to do...

I apologise for being spammy btw, I'd love to say I'm not normally like this? But that would be a lie.
Tags: randomosity, spam!!!
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