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I hate trains

I'm back from the British Library visit. It's ten to nine right now (well, nearly five to). If I was working in the morning there's no way I could eat anything this late and still be able to sleep. And I am just home. Well, I've had time to make a cup of tea and that's it.

The library was fascinating, even though we didn't actually see the bit that relates to my job, but it was an hour long tour. It took us five hours to get there, and six hours to get back (bloody points failure outside Edinburgh) and then I had a one hour journey home after that. (To those of you who know what this means - platform 3 to platform 11A (front train) *sigh*)

Kinda... not worth it really. (Plus on the way down I was chatting to my colleagues, and on the way back I was sitting next to random bloke who was reading Carpe Jugulum. Which would have been fine, except it was my copy of Carpe Jugulum that he was reading over my shoulder. So I couldn't write porn. Dammit.)

And now I have to get my laundry sorted and get the house ready for me not being here all weekend.

And did I hear right? Alan's had to cancel Complete? *pouts*
Tags: conventions, work (yeah right)
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