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sis was here with her kids, four kids running around my house and proving just how not-child-proof this place is? Is tiring as hell... But, now I'm packed, I have pizza in the oven, and I'm planning on not doing a thing tonight.

One thing, I was going to go for the Heathrow Express train, but I was just checking out options and there's a National Express bus that leaves from Victoria bus station and goes to Heathrow. It's a lot cheaper than the train and I don't have to walk very far to get it... has anyone any experience of it? Is there an easier way to get to Heathrow, given that my bus is due to arrive in Victoria in the middle of rush hour?

I also have to get a train into Glasgow at 6:50 am tomorrow so I think this is probably going to be my last post until next Monday (random drunken voice posts not included), so have a great weekend everyone! I'm meeting my girls, I'm going to have an amazing time!

ETA I can't find my phone charger. I'm charging it right now via the USB port and we're not allowed to use them in the main hall at the con, so maybe it'll last, but if I'm out of contact or seem to be ignoring calls and/or texts I might not be... I might just have run out of power on my phone. :)

second edit so Chris just posted another Smoke Signal over at the Kane MySpace and dude - the grass on that lawn needs cut more than mine does! (Also, he broke his leg? Ouch!)
Tags: family
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