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Convention post #1

Serenity Complete, I'm compiling my thoughts and memories and what not. I didn't have a camera this time (thedothatgirl, sorchasilver and fresleyforever all did so yay!) but I did get three pictures done with some of the guests.

This was supposed to be the final Serenity convention from Starfury, and Alan Tudyk had to cancel at the last minute (for work reasons - yay for Alan getting a new show!). Summer Glau had also previously had to cancel because of a film she got, so that left Adam Baldwin and Mark Sheppard as the only Serenifly-related guests. I didn't care because I hadn't met Adam before and Mark is always fun at cons. But, there were extra Serenifly guests as replacements: Richard L Brooks (Jubal Early) and Ron Glass (Book).

And... as well as being the final Serenity con, it was also a transition into the first Battlestar Galactica con. Nicki Clyne (Callie) was the only confirmed BSG guest before it started because Jamie Bamber had to cancel, but when I got there it turned out that Kandyse McClure (Dee), Leah Cairns (Racetrack), Michelle Forbes (Admiral Cain) were all there as well.

And on the Saturday night? There was an extra celebrity guest to judge the fancy dress contest. Jamie Bamber had finished filming on the Friday, got in a car and gone straight to the airport to be there for the Saturday night and the Sunday. (He was flying straight back to the set on Monday).

I had watched BSG for a season and a half, then the show went on hiatus over Christmas and I forgot to catch up on it when it restarted. From listening to the girls talking about it in the panels on the Saturday I was pretty much convinced that I wanted to remedy that and catch up with it, but when Jamie turned up? Yeah... I'm shallow.

So, there will be more, possibly with transcripts and complaints about Fucking Megabus when I finally wake up enough to realise what day it is... But for now?

(Please don't hotlink these or repost them anywhere, I may be a tad self-conscious as most of you know by now, and I'd hate to see pictures of me anywhere else on the web...)
Tags: conventions, serenity complete
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