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18 April 2008 @ 09:04 am
Word to the wise  
I am spoiler free.

I choose to remain spoiler free.

If you can't respect that, then why are you here?

(shamelessly copied from cooler heads on my flist:)
Spoilers include (but are not limited to): Episode titles, those evil "soon" trailers. ANY trailers. The freaking directors cuts. Behind the scenes pics. Casting rumours - I don't even want to know there IS a casting rumour, the fact that there's another character that isn't Sam'n'Dean? Is a spoiler. Icons with the pre-released material? Are spoilers.

I'm a member and newshound at spnfencentral which is a Supernatural based comm dedicated to remaining spoiler free. There are 354 members and 419 watchers there who are trying their damndest not to be spoiled. If you think that's a "stupid" goal? Why are you there?

This aint my sandbox, but I damn well reserve the right to tell you to get out of my corner of it.

Comments are off because this is a PSA rather than a bitchfest.
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