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I like Bela.

Here’s the thing. I like Bela.

I know that makes me a rare commodity in SPN fandom, but I like her character. I like the intrigue, I like the fact that she epitomises the shades of grey that has been built into the show. I like the snark. I like that she's a bitch who isn't rolling over when the boys say so. I like the fact that she's got some possible backstory and some potential future.

The accent doesn't bother me as much as it bothers others, to be honest I came up through the Buffyverse fandom and god love her, but Juliet Landau does not do cockney well. Bela at least sounds like there are actual words coming out of her mouth when she speaks as opposed to garbled nonsense.

I like Bela.

Yes, it may be my own personal fanon version that I like, it may be my optimistic belief that she is just as broken as the boys are when you get under the surface, it may be that I'm being blinded.

But I like Bela.

If you don't like her, then that's fine, I get that, and I get that I'm not likely to change your mind at all.

But if you want to see my fanon Bela? do not go gentle is quite possibly my favourite thing I have ever written, and Mind Games* was just fun. (eta and there's also Sleeping Soul which has a Bela focus but isn't really about her. I write more Bela than I thought! end edit)

I think she's broken, I think she's running from something far darker than any one realises. I think she stole the Colt for her own purposes and I think that those purposes are nothing to do with pissing off the boys or making money. I think she needs it. I also think the reason she needs it is one which the boys would be more than willing to help her with if she could but ask them.

I don't think she can ask.

I think she's shattered under a glossy surface, and I think we're going to see her crack wide open.

I think she might just be the SPN equivalent of the 'little girl lost' we saw in a Slayer called Faith.

And I can't wait to meet Lauren Cohan at Asylum.

* and this was actually a means of me pimping my new fic – Mind Games. Bela, het, R rated.
Tags: fic: spn, oooo - meta!, supernatural
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