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Jason Manns news

Since there are potential spoilers for SPN in the comments on Jason's MySpace blog, here's the news! ETA Jason mentions an upcoming episode of SPN in a way. Knowing the TV industry the way I do, I really don't think this is a spoiler, but some people might. end edit

My song on Supernatural!!

Well my thanks definitely goes out to Kripke! I got the call a couple days ago, and my song "I Remember" is going to be featured in an upcoming episode of Supernatural! It's a quick little snippet, so keep an eye out! I'm not sure how at liberty I am to say when and where it will appear, but I can say I think the episode is airing on May 1...  I know alot of ya'll will be watching anyway, but listen a little closer as well!

in other news, i'm getting ready to come over to the UK again with Riley, Hank and Steve, and I'm really looking forward to it. Just as a reminder to everyone, there is only one show that Steve, Riley and Hank, and myself are all playing together and it is the monday night after asylum at the Opal Lounge near Birmingham. Those of you who can should all stick around and check out the show, it should be a really fun night, and a good way to end the weekend!! for more info on that and all of our other shows on this trip, please visit

See ya'll soon!!

hope all is well, God Bless,



Unfortunately I won't be able to go to the Monday night show since our transport back to Scotland had been booked before the show was announced, but I am going to see him over the Week of Insanity!

I really don't think it's a spoiler because Jason is an unknown artist, he says it's a "quick little snippet" which to me means that it'll be background music in a bar scene, or on a car radio, or something of that ilk. I do not believe it will be apropos to the plot in any specific way. I may be wrong, and if I am I will apologise, but my belief (and my knowledge of how TV and film works - which is what I got my degree in) is that this is not a spoiler. I will not of course try to dictate to you what is and isn't a spoiler - we each have our own opinions on that.
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