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I have pink hair.

I'm exceptionally bored in the evenings without internet access, and it's apparently leading me to do strange things.

I don't have any nails to speak of right now, so I couldn't paint them purple or black. Instead, I found some pink hair colour spray...

Yeah... and I'm wearing a red t-shirt today.


(it's not my whole head of hair, it's a streak, but it's very pink...)

New boys last night - not seen the episode yet, don't think I'll get to see it until tonight because I have some stuff to do over lunch today, which means I won't get to share squee until Monday. *pouts* Also means I've not read my flist yet - and won't until I see the episode and am online so... Monday for that too! I know about Sterling being announced for Asylum - yay! - but if there's anything else (non-spoilery!) you want me to see before then, please link me!

Tags: asylum, conventions: asylum 2, randomosity
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