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Buffyverse meme

taken from velvetwhip and claudia6913 among others.

Likes and Dislikes of the Buffy-verse
Who is your favorite character?Xander
Who is your least favorite character?Riley
Who would you kill off if given the chance?Riley, Kennedy
Who should have had more of an active role in the Series?well, lemme see, I'm a Xander fan. What d'you think my answer's gonna be? Oh, and Dawn.
What is your favorite season of BtVS?they all have their merits but I'm gonna say 3
What is your favorite episode?The Zeppo
What is your favorite quote?Just one? gah! Okay, "Cavalry's here. Okay, cavalry's a frightened guy with a rock. But it's here!"
Which season did you dislike?seven
What would you have changed in that season?Spuffy
What episode did you dislike?Killed By Death
What would you have changed in that episode?Amy - just who was she meant to be? And Kennedy. Kill her already!
What is your favorite Canon pairing?Wasn't really a pairing for long but I'm an FXer so that's my answer!
What is your least favorite Canon pairing?Spuffy
What is your favorite Unconventional Pairing?I'm being suckered into the world of BX these days...
What is your least favorite Unconventional Pairing?Giles/Willow - it's icky.
What did you think was the most obnoxious CPD in the Series? (CPD=convienient plot device)The Scythe. Do I need to say more? Or possibly the amulet....

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