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Bring on the slide guitar...

Dear Steve,

Pimento, honey, pimento...

Yours, not obsessed with olives at all,

Sho xx

Dear Flist,

What the hell? It was the weekend, y'all went nuts and posted a million and one things! (I'm skip=100 already and it's still Sunday posts...) I'll try to get caught up, I really will, but it's a helluva daunting prospect right now!

Yours, slightly overwhelmed,

Sho xx

Dear Steve,

Your new album? Rocks. But dude, I'm thinking she broke your heart, whoever she was, do you need a hug?

Yours, reminding you again - pimento, dude.

Sho xx

Dear Jensen,

You like your country music dontcha?

Yours, appreciating the slide guitar,

Sho xx

Dear Wench,

Underground tickets. Knew there was a reason to get a zonecard...

Yours, nine pounds lighter,

Sho xx

Dear work people,

I'm not in the mood today, give me a break, 'kay?

Yours, PMSily,

Sho xx

Too late on that one, didn't even make it half an hour after posting. And no, I'm not sharing.

(Later edit:)

Dear bellatemple,

You're trying to kill me here aren't you? You should have mail now.

Yours, trying to get the hairs on the back of my neck to sit back down again,

Sho xx
Tags: i have the best friends, music, steve carlson
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