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um, oops?

Before I say anything else - I have not seen SPN yet, and probably won't get to see it till much, much later in the day (if not until tomorrow) so please not to be spoiling me? Please?

Right, the oops? I signed up for spring_with_xan thinking I had ages to go. And I did, when I signed up. Now... it's due tomorrow. (And yes, I'm a little concerned that I won't actually be online tomorrow anyway so I'll have to work something out with libraries or something like that)'t started? I also have no hook yet. So.

Prompt me? Gen for preference, any time scale pre/during/post show. Me & angst go together well but if the muse hits I'll try anything.

It has to be a Xander related prompt, and I think I'd prefer not to crossover this time.
Tags: i'm a spoilerphobe - deal with it, xander looked cool as a soldier
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