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I have the lurgy

The cold that's been threatening since Asylum has kicked in, I spent all day yesterday going from bed to the throw-covered couch to bed again. It was a really pretty day yesterday and I was supposed to be spending some time with the kids in their garden - which I love doing. When else can a *mumblemumble* year old get to play swing ball without a) being drunk; or, b) looking like an idiot?

But alas, I was left snuffling and coughing and generally feeling like death warmed up.

Babysat for them on Saturday though - eventually finding out at 5 that I was needed at 6 (and could I stop and buy some things for dinner on my way up the road...). My sister's an hilarious drunk. She doesn't go out a lot anymore, and she's not been drunk for years. She can't handle her drink any more. It's hilarious. Oh, and apparently my brother in law doesn't understand how I could have staffed at the convention because he just doesn't see me as anything other than Sis' quiet little sister. And that's my problem how? (That's not completely true actually, he sees me as having an impressive cleavage as well - to the extent where I don't wear v-necks when I go to their house any more.)

I couldn't get online on Saturday at all so I've had to default on my spring_with_xan day, which sucks. Thanks though for your prompts on Friday - I'll be having a go at them soon in an attempt to make up for it!

Right, I'm aware right now that I'm snappy and irritable and finding the little things annoying so I'm going to go have a cup of tea and actually do some work.

eta work rant I will be the only supervisor in on Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday is apparently because one of the other women has child care difficulties and the other is on some course somewhere in England. (Which would be believable if I hadn't heard the child care woman having a loud personal phone call in which she said "Well I'll just tell them I can't get child care then...")

Thursday? There's no excuse. Child care woman doesn't work Thursdays and the other one still decided that it would be fine for her to take leave that day. So... wenchpixie? I'll have to be in work by nine all week this week. Balls.

Also? Coriander tastes like soap. Marks & Sparks? If you put it in a chicken salad I will be able to taste it, so why don't you put it on the damn label so I don't buy it? (Coriander is silantro, btw, I'm spelling that phonetically 'cause I've never seen it written down, what with living on the civilised side of the Atlantic... *g* - Cilantro - thanks geminilove_ca!)
Tags: failure thy name is sho..., family, i is broked, work
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