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People are stupid.

Not anyone reading this, but people in general are stupid.

So begins my first day as the sole supervisor in the office and already I'm planning a mutiny against myself. This does not bode well.

*sighs dramatically*

Oh well, maybe I'll go write fic instead.

(Yay! Moffat FTW!!!)

ETA _doodle? I love you. In case I didn't make it clear last night, I adore you. You are the awesomest person who ever awesomed. I went all squeey and giggly for a while, apparently it was cute. *twirls you*

another edit there's a saying that says if you want something done, give it to a busy person. Which is true enough I guess, but why do I have to be that busy person today? I need to finish the Springer list I've been working on since last Thursday, I need to do the Ovid list and the Synergy list also. I've already been asked about importing XML files into Excel (why would you want to? Really? Excel sucks out loud), and my boss is doing the monthly catalogue update and asking me to double check her work at each stage. (I think she's trying to show me how to do it so I can take over in a couple of months, which is fine, but today I don't have the time!)

I wanna write! I wanna explain why Willow's accusing Dawn and vice versa! I wanna show people just how dark CR is gonna get (really, really, really dark). I wanna finish the Asylum fic which is done but really needs polished. I wanna write!

Tags: doctor who, work (yeah right)
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