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Handbag resistant wrapper? Because handbags are known for their habit of attacking wrappers... Seriously I hate being a girl sometimes.


I was busy last night - icons and... that vid. (Which isn't the one I was talking about yesterday by the way - that one's seriouser and not inclined to make you all want to kill me.) All SPN related, the icons are from Wendigo and the vid contains clips up to mid-season three (because I forget which was the last episode we used for it).

Day 2 of sole supervisorship. The mutiny is not going well, I seem to have developed a work ethic in the past couple of days. Think I can get treatment for that? One of the plebs has called in sick as well. So yeah... I'm thinking we shut the department - other departments in this place do that when they're short staffed, I don't see why we can't. *g*

Right - Springer list completed, Ovid list staring me in the face and Synergy list to be updated. Then? I can do whatever I want! Yay! (Until I discover some site's gone down and have to try to pick up the pieces...)
Tags: icons, randomosity, vid:spn
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