the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
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Couple of updates

1 - I made icons. Biker!Jared icons to be precise!

2 - I launched the Fio site I've been working on for a while! The One - the Jeff Fiorello fanlisting

3 - I may be becoming slightly obsessed with Life of Riley. I got a copy of the CD and EP from Wench before she buggered off across the Atlantic. Not that I'm bitter and insanely jealous of course... but I digress. I love the music! And yes, I have a vid bunny for one of the songs. Which is added to the list...

4 - I'm really, really tired. If I snore, throw something at me?

5 - I was bored last night and there was a 'colour pulse' mousse in the bathroom. It's meant to be 'lively auburn' but I have ginger hair now. Supposed to be a 10-wash thing, I kinda like it but kinda not at the same time. I'm fickle like that!
Tags: icons, jeff fiorello, life of riley
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