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Okay, so now I feel like a tourist...

I'm doing my 'day in the life of' photo thingy that iyalode asked for yesterday and I'm wandering in to work at rush hour with my camera in my hand. I feel like a tourist! I think there's some rules about not taking photos in the underground so I didn't take any pictures there - well, actually I lied, I took a picture of my feet/the platform by accident when I hit the shoot button instead of the off one... Other than that? Fun! Including the picture of the first thing I see when I wake up... now I need to find the cable (which I was sure I'd put in my bag last night but it's not there now) and get them uploaded to share them tomorrow! Yay! I love photos...

I also loaded film into my other proper (not digital) camera and am hoping for decent weather this weekend to take some 'local colour' photos. There's a beach, there's a castle, there's two churches, there's craft galleries, there's a vertiginous drop from the railway line towards the sea, there's the possibility I'll be in Paisley with the abbey and all sorts of prettyness at the weekend. I may be going photo crazy.

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