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and again...

So this time I've requested that the local library people okay my LJ, but we'll see how it goes, basically I still can't see my own journal, and now I can't see my friends page.


Here's what's new - I'm now unemployed officially. Anyone have a job for me? I can pay my mortgage this month and one other loan that's secured against the house and then that's it. I can't even afford train tickets or anything so basically I'm screwed. I need to have a job in the next fortnight or I default on my mortgage. This is really not a good time for me.

So anyway, I'm running low on time here, and the guy at the computer next to me seems to be staring at my screen (probably wondering why I keep getting these inappropriate content messages) so I'm going to go now.

I still miss you all, I have no idea what's going on with anyone, so please? Let me know?

*hugs you all*
Tags: hiatus of sorts, i really need a new job..., real life sucks
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