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I love kids. No really.

One thing about the local library is that they let little kids in. And little kids tend to not have volume control. Or any concept of personal space. Luckily I'm on the saught-after computer 1 which is kinda round the corner a little from the rest, but the kids that have just walked in? Are annoying even me.

Plus? a guy just stood up and knocked over a shelf. Full of reference pamphlets. As the bloke just said "Ooops".

So, I'm here again and I still haven't heard from my former employers as to when I can expect my P45 so I'm still money-less. I'm about to go up and see if I can cadge some money off my sister (cadge = con/borrow/get) to buy some fruit/veg. I'm feeling decidedly on the verge of scurvy right now.

I'm determined not to get down now - I was feeling lousy this morning and then I got a text message which made me grin. emporpheus - she whose name causes planets to align is doing better but still has no money in her phone to reply. She apologises profusely but thanks you for making her smile.

Plus? There's another kid in the library who's being really well behaved and seems to be called Xander. Hee! (I've spotted him - he's adorable! And inordinantly intrigued by the automatic doors...awww!)

So what have I been doing in the past couple of days? Well mostly I have been watching films. Star Wars I, II and III (I get the whole Obidala thing now - I'm even kinda tempted to write some myself...) and Blade Trinity was on TV last night which meant I had to watch 1 and 2 before it started. Today it may be time for SW IV, V and VI - or maybe something else. Hell I might even do something productive like write or icon or maybe even something else.

There's still no sign of a job right now, it's not going to be easy anyway because I'm not going to have a reference or anything but I'll get there.

It was my eldest nephew's sixth birthday last weekend - sister organised an amazing party again (she really should do it professionally, she's bloody good at it) and it was pirate themed. I dressed up (got compliments too) and when I was helping pack up the stuff into a friends car to take back to the house a guy walked up behind me and said "Aye, this would be a great wee village if it wasn't for all the pirates". Scared the crap out of me!

Wow - I waffle on a lot on this thing don't I? Guess it comes from not actually getting to talk to human beings for the most part.

Anyways - I'm going to head to the shop to buy some milk and see whether toothpaste or bicarb of soda will fit into my £2.80 budget.

Please to be linking me?

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