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Here's where I stand

Right, so I have no phone line at home, no internet access at home and limited downloads in the library. (It doesn't like zip files or AVIs for some reason - I think it thinks there's something malicious buried inside the compression or something...) Plus, my sister's getting to the stage where she doesn't want me downloading anything any more (she got two viruses on her computer and went over her download limit last month).

So although new seasons of shows have started (mostly) I haven't seen anything yet. At all. And I'm a spoilerphobe which means I really don't want to know what's going on until I can see the shows myself.

All of that means that I haven't been looking at my flist even when I can get online because even if there's no talk of the episodes themselves, I know there will be icons and the like out there.

So... amnesty time. Each and every single one of you is important to me, but right now I feel disconnected from you because I don't really know what's going on in your lives. So here's your out - if you want to take this opportunity to take me off your flist then please, don't feel bad about it at all. I will not be in the least bit offended. If you want to follow my fandom stuff (icons, wallpapers, graphics etc) when I manage to get round to posting anything, then you can watch or join my comm fandomsbitca and it'll all be up there. Or keep an eye on my site which will be being updated really soon.

*hugs you all*

(Oh, and I'm planning to do NaNo again this year, if it ends up (as it might do) being fanfiction, it'll be posted to fandomsbitca)
Tags: flist love, i have the best friends, i'm a spoilerphobe - deal with it
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