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*sings* It's a new dawn, it's a new day, it's a new life...

... for moments lost! Okay, I'll stop singing now, I promise!

[ moments lost ] is back! With a new look and a new outlook.

You'll notice a few new subsites on there, as well as all the old ones. Here's a rundown of what you can find on the site:

I Need a Parrot. The longest running of the sites, and the most popular by far. The site is an automated archive hosting all types of Xander fanfiction (excluding RPS/RPF).

White Knight Awards. The cross-fandom Xander Harris fanfic awards! Nominations are now open for 2008 - get over there and get nominating! (A few of the catefgories have been streamlined, and prior nominees have been carried over to this round. Please check before submitting!)

Effects of a Troubled Heart. A smallish fanfiction site focusing on the relationship (or lack thereof!) between Xander and Faith. Again, all types of fic relating to the pair are accepted on this automated archive with the exception of RPS/RPF.

Hand on Heart. An equally small site dedicated to the relationship between Xander and Buffy. We need more fic over there - please take a look!

Spirit of the Heart. A new addition to the stable - the long awaited site focusing on the relationship between Xander and Willow. I know there's a lot of you who ship them, so head on over and get uploading!

Key to the Heart The Dawn & Xander site which has never really taken off in the way it deserves. It's not wrong, it's just not as appreciated as it should be. Come on over!

Daughters of Sineya. The Slayers' Site. This site focuses on fiction centred around the Slayers, those daughters of Sineya who save the world. A lot.

And now the newest additions!

Salt & Burn A new fic archive devoted to Supernatural. Fic of all kinds (and I do mean all kinds is accepted here! We have four members already but only one fic. And it's one of mine and is feeling lonely there all by itself...

and related to it...

The Salt & Burn Awards. This will be a judged awards site which I'm soft-launching today. Officially it will open on 1st November as there are still a couple of details to sort out with the judges, but we are taking nominations as of right now!

And the other sites? Well...

Paths Crossed is an on going fic/media project of mine crossing over BtVS and Supernatural in a post-Chosen and pre-In My Time of Dying world. Updates are slow, but they are coming!

Madness Calling is my record of my adventures in NaNoWriMo...

and the final site?

....fandom's bitch....

This will be my own personal archive. I've had various versions of this kind of site for a while now, with experiments in eFiction and the like, but I've decided the time is right to go for it all out. So here it is!

And now with that last little bit of shameless self-promotion out of the way.. Come take a look at the sites, have a look at the existing fic (and art), contribute your own to the archives and NOMINATE at the WKA and the S&B Awards!

Thank you, and goodnight...

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