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Okey dokey, so here's what's been going on. Sis is starting up a new business venture - running children's parties - and she had two this weekend. Funnily enough, when she has work to do then it means I also have work to do. Because I'm a glutton for punishment apparently!

So this weekend past was really busy, and I spent a while trying to get the problems with the awards sites sorted without access to t'internet. It wasn't easy. (The 3 phone network seemed to be down all weekend, it's what Sis is on and the library doesn't open on Sundays, basically I was scuppered.) It looks as though they're sorted now - certainly the tests I ran yesterday were fine, but I've not gotten any nominations at all.

Has anyone sent anything in since yesterday? If so, can you let me know?

NaNoWriMo started on Saturday and I was... screwed. Too busy with other things to get started, so already I'm running behind, but really I'm not worried about it - I'm fine. The story's coming and already the characters are taking over and dictating what they want to do. I have a filter set up for people who want to follow my flailing - if you want to be added to that filter leave me a comment here - and I've now started posting the story to a new community set up for just that. madnesscalling. Feel free to come over and join/watch/comment. Keeping in mind that it's really rough and ready and will be betad eventually!

Right, now I'm off to go buy some coffee and something to eat for lunch. I'll be back on Thursday when the library's open again. BYE!!!
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