the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone (whiskyinmind) wrote,
the girl who used to dance on fire and brimstone

So yesterday I went and spent some time at my sister's house, my eldest nephew's not well right now so he was off school, talked a little, hashed out some things, went home to my own house and went to bed. It was about 7pm or something, I know it was early. I didn't sleep very well, I didn't write anything, I ended up reading a couple of Pratchett books that I know inside and out, and I feel... not so down. Not better or anything, but not so down.

So that's good.

I have to head into the next town in an hour to sign on and I forgot to lift my wallet when I left the house to come to the library so I have to go back home first (which wouldn't be a problem except I have to walk past the train station to get home and then walk back, thereby looking like a prat.) And my mp3 player has finally bitten the dust. I guess it's not so bad given that it was a tenner three or four years ago. But with it gone and my CD player skipping all the time (probably needs the lens cleaned or something) it means I am completely tuneless for most of today (it takes about ten to fifteen minutes to sign on and then fifty minutes to wait for the train home).

I'm starting to get concerned that there's been no nominations at all in either awards site. I know the forms working because I've run a few tests on both of them. Is it worth running them if there's no interest?

Realistically I have nothing really to say right now, I'm just typing this to justify my coming into the library. Oh, and I'm still really behind on my flist - not seen any eps of the shows we all watch yet - so please let me know what's going on in your lives?

(Congrats to emeraldswan and family by the way! I've already said it, but I love you honey - *big hugs*)
Tags: awards, real life sucks, s&ba, wka
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