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this is the face of relief.

Yay! we have nominees! (I'll contact all nominees on Monday by the way, I haven't made I'm nominated buttons yet. I forgot, what can I say? Sorry?

But, congrats to those of you on my flist who are up there (and already there's a judging conflict... *g*) and congrats to everyone else as well!

Am heading out this evening to a birthday party so won't be around online again until Monday at the earliest. I've missed tons of birthdays in the last few months - I hope you all know that I wish you all the best and happiest of times even though I don't tend to do shout outs for you.

There's been zero writing done in the last two days, something which I'm hoping to make up for this afternoon and tomorrow, yesterday included a bit of a culinary disaster which I won't go into because hey, I used to work in a ktchen, I shouldn't be screwing up a simple recipe like that... *g* It does mean I have to go shopping before lunch and since it's coming up on half past eleven I should probably get to that now really! So, this is me saying thank you to everyone who nominated and thank you to everyone else who's thinking about what to nominate!
Tags: i have the best friends, i used to work in a kitchen, s&ba, wka
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