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You know the amazing thing about having nothing to do during the day is that when I start writing, I don't tend to stop until I either fall asleep or there's a power surge. (There's been a few lately, word to the wise - save your work often!)

So... on the 19th November, 2008, I reached 50,000 words on my NaNoWriMo project. I'm now at 54,500 (ish) and am at a 'chapter end' as it were. So I'm calling it quits* now and am editing to make it into a comprehensive story with actual contractions and less adjectives. Once that's done, I'll post it complete and continue on with it until the story is done.

I'm dealing with things in my personal life in a way which I don't really feel ready to share just yet, so as I said earlier this week, I'm here, but I'm distant. I'm debating whether to do a festive wishlist post this year, it seems a little redundant when there are so many things I need to post a list of wants. But, if you have done a wishlist please link me to it here so that I can gather them all in one place!

My boy's in the country just now, to those of you going to see him - have an awesome time. I wish I could be there but...

Now I'm going to try to catch my family on the school run.

* calling it quits, not quites. Because that would just be silly.
Tags: i have the best friends, jason manns, nano, nanowrimo
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